Listening to Polka Boy at Mallow Run Winery

Watching Another Concert at Mallow Run Winery

Last Saturday night we were back at Mallow Run Winery to see Polka Boy in concert on their lawn. We had a good time watching the Texas Tenors there so we made a point to get back quickly to see them again. With my last name you have to know that a band named Polka Boy would be a good one for me. Looking at the crowds the two times that we have been to the winery it seems pretty obvious that the winery is the prime attraction here. People are there for the event more than the band. It is a good time with good food and even better wine.

The Week in Photos

This past week was a light week for what I can share with you. I had a great night shooting the Tippecanoe County fireworks from across the river to start the week off, but then I settled into a week that was primarily editing. That is the part of photography that you don’t hear much about. I had a couple of fun shoots that kept me from going crazy, but those are not the kind that I post in my photos of the week. Here are some photos that I really liked from last week. Next week will be back to normal as you will read below.

Back to Shooting Baseball

Tonight I will be back shooting baseball again. I have not shot a game since I left Nashville early in June. It is not like me to take this long away from sports, but June was definitely a month for other projects. I don’t think that it is any secret that I love shooting sports. Lately though it seems as if the best places for me to shoot have been away from the diamond. It seems as if all of the deals that I have been getting for baseball have been very one sided for the team offering the deal. That is too bad. I love to shoot baseball, but driving to shoot a game for free does not sound like a good deal at all to me. After shooting two tournaments back to back for very good clients it gave me the opportunity to see just how good it can be shooting baseball. These next two days should off some good baseball as well as the Prospect League holds its annual all star game and home run derby. It won’t be long until the college seasons ramp up again, and my calendar fills back up. This year I have booked far more teams at this point for the year then I ever have before. For the rest of the summer I will have some fun with the people that really want me to shoot for them, and pursue some side projects with any downtime that I will have.


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