Blue Hour on the Golden Campus

The Black and Gold and Blue Hour

A couple of weeks ago I spent some time on campus at blue hour making some images that I really liked. This shot was one that should have hit me right away, but did not. I was planning on making a photo of the fountain when the lights on the fountain were blue. In my head that would have worked out great with the blue in the sky. As the lights of Hovde Hall really started to show up I realized the error of my ways. I needed to make this image when the gold portion of the lights came up on the fountain. I love the way that the gold plays with the blue light just after the sun went down. The gold portion of the light does not last very long so it really was a timing game to make this shot work. In the end it did though, and it is one of my favorites from that night.

Getting Back to Campus

I really have not been taking advantage of the campus that is in my backyard much this summer. I usually go out and make some images of it when most of the students are away in the summer. This summer though has been busy, and I have been putting my campus trips off a bit. Hanging out on campus that night reminded me why I need to get to campus more often. The buildings are beautiful, and they deserve some attention from me.


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