Top 10 Photos of the MVC Baseball Tournament

My Favorite Photos From the 2016 MVC Baseball Tournament

After a busy couple of weeks there is finally a little time to look back at some of my favorite photos from two great weekends of baseball. The first of those was during the MVC Tournament held at Indiana State. It is still early, but I am positive that this will end up being one of the highlights of the year for me. The baseball was great, and so were the people. I had a great time shooting the tournament, and I hope that it showed in the photos. I have picked ten that I liked from the weekend and placed them below. You can see a bigger gallery of my favorite photos on my Exposure page here. For now though here are my ten favorite photos from the MVC Baseball Tournament.

10. The first picture on the countdown was one of the first I made during the tournament. I arrived at the stadium very early on the first day to check out possible shooting locations. When shooting at a new place I always do that because you never know when you will find a great place to shoot from. After I was done scouting I made my way out to the field. In the early morning hours I wanted to make a silhouette shot of the Southern Illinois players warming up. I thought that it was a great way to start off the tournament.

9. The host school the Indiana State Sycamores were the #2 seed in the tournament. I knew that I wanted to make a great photo of the host school during the tournament. I made this photo of a great diving catch, and I knew that I had that photo. I love those alternate blue uniforms that ISU wears. I would love to shoot them again.

8. During the ninth inning of the Dallas Baptist game against Evansville the skies opened up. We had rain before, but for some reason I really liked this photo of the closer in the rain. We were momentarily soaked, but it was worth it for the photo.

7. One great feature at Indiana State is the fact that the media room is at field level by the on deck circle. While sending photos on the first day of the tournament I saw Bradley’s catcher Ian Kristan right in front of me. I loved the tattoo inspired by the Johnny Cash song on his left arm so I made this photo. Right away I knew that it would be a black and white image. Thank goodness for that media room or this image would never have been made.

6. The good thing about storm clouds is that they often result in great sunsets. After a day with rain altering the tournament we were rewarded with this great sunset. I camped out on the first base line making images for a couple of innings watching the light show.

5. When the rally hats are working you keep your hands warm on them. The rally hats did not fully work in the end, but they did give the Bradley Braves some hope during the ninth inning of their game against Missouri State. I saw these hats from my location across the field, and made my way to the Bradley dugout. I made some photos with the 70-200mm lens, but I knew that this was the photo. I brought the wide angle over to make this picture.

4. One of the first great moments of the tournament was the walk off home run by Boomer Synek. This photo is one of my favorites for a couple of reasons. The most obvious is the emotion of the walk off. A tournament setting is great for emotion, and you have that here. You also have the great hair style that Boomer was sporting. This was a great look that helps the picture quite a bit.

3. Early on in the MVC Tournament I saw the way that the Missouri State Bears got ready for a game. It was more mosh pit than huddle, but it was cool to see. I made sure to get a shot of the scene the next game. This was a tough team that may have gotten ready a bit differently than normal. It worked as they made it to the title game. It also gave me a memorable photo from the tournament.

2. Not long after I tweeted out the photo of Boomer Synek’s walk off home run and said that it would take a lot to top that Dallas Baptist found a way to do just that. The erased a huge deficit in the 8th inning only to see the game tied up in the top of the ninth. Of course the catcher who had not yet hit a home run in his college career when the day started hit his third of the day to walk it off in the ninth. I made my way out to the field to capture the team greeting him as he made his way home. What a great moment during the tournament.

1. Of course the number one photo is this one of the Dallas Baptist team all trying to get a hand on the tournament trophy. When a team wins the title or has a trophy the odds are that everyone will try and get a hand on it. It happens time after time, and is one of my favorite photos. You usually don’t have too many faces in the photo, but the hands tell you all you need to know about the emotion of the moment.


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