Hail Purdue

Walking Campus in the Fall

One thing that I don’t do nearly enough is to walk the campus of Purdue. When I lived in Northwest Indiana I would make trips down for one reason or another, and I would always walk the campus. Now that I live in town it is something that I can do any day so it is easy to put off. The campus is always changing so there is something new to see all the time. This past fall I was walking campus as the leaves were changing when I found a new piece of art that had the school fight song on it. I liked the idea of this picture even if the time of day to make it was not quite right. With the students gone and campus nearly empty summer is the perfect time to walk around the campus. Maybe this week I will do it finally. It will be interesting to see what has changed.

Check Out My Website

This month has been a great month for adding content to my portfolio. The nature of playoff baseball is that the games are very emotional. The win or go home mentality of the playoffs adds a level of tension that makes for good photos. This has been a good month, and the website looks a little different now. You can check it out at www.davewegielphoto.com.


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