The Nashville Skyline

The Nashville Skyline at Night

My first day of the NCAA Regional action in Nashville was rained out before the second game could start. That gave me a little free time to explore a little bit of Nashville. I went down to Broadway to see the neon signs. I liked the idea of rain with the lights as it would allow for the reflections on the ground to really pop. The rain clouds also made for a great night sky for the skyline shots of the city. They added a little something I think to the shots. I really enjoyed the views of the city that the bridge provided. You could really change up your angle by walking a little further on the bridge. I would love to go back sometime with my tripod to try a few more things.

The Week in Photos

This week the week in photos really could be called Monday if I told the truth. The only photos in the Exposure gallery are from the lone game Monday of the Nashville regional. I made pictures of the West Lafayette t-ball league the rest of the week, but they are not really for the public. Sometimes some of my best work I never blog about or post elsewhere. I had a blast last week though. You can see some of my favorite photos from last Monday here.


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