The Hills of Tennessee

A Gradient View

One morning last week I woke up in my hotel room and looked out the window. We never had a great sunrise when I was there. Rain clouds seemed to rule the weekend. One of the gray days though I noticed this little section of the view outside of my window. The light fog in the air made this interesting to me. I loved the way that the foreground was dark with each layer getting progressively lighter. If I had more time when I was there I would have found a few locations to try this out. As it was I had to get to the ballpark for a game that morning.

Using the Canon 1DX For Landscapes

One thing that I rarely do with my Canon 1DX is to shoot landscapes with it. I really only use it for sports. I use my Canon 5D Mark III for most of my landscape or wide angle shots. Here I already had the 1DX mounted on my 70-200mm when the light was right. I used it, and to no surprise I ended up with a good result. The weight of the camera though will probably still stop me from using it on long hikes though.


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