The Tomb of Andrew Jackson

The Final Resting Place of Andrew Jackson

One of the attractions if you can call it that of the Hermitage is the tomb of Andrew Jackson. It is located in the family garden just off to the side from the house. His descendants are all buried next to the grave that he and his wife share. I do not often photograph graves. A resting place like the one above though is one that deserves a little attention. I knew that it would make an interesting subject. I did not spend much time at the grave site, but I knew that a couple of photos were needed here. This was my favorite of the photos that I made that day at the tomb.

The Death of the Head of the House

When Andrew Jackson died he left a large void in his family. It was not long before his adopted son had to sell off the entire estate to pay off his debts. Luckily the property and belongings were sold to friends and people who appreciated the general. The estate was later able to buy back nearly everything that was sold so that we can see the house as it was when Jackson lived there. It is amazing how quickly after his death that the property went into disrepair. Luckily the Ladies Hermitage Association has restored the grounds to a respectable level. The general is probably appreciative of that.


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