Life At The Hermitage

Finally Making it to the Hermitage

Just about ten years ago I had a great trip down to Orlando planned. The purpose of the trip was to watch the Purdue football team take on ACC opponent Maryland in a bowl game at the Citrus Bowl. On the way down I was going to head to a few historical sites. I ended up leaving town a little later than I had planned so a couple of the sites had to be crossed off the list. One of them was the home of Andrew Jackson which is called the Hermitage. This is a good site to visit, but I had to keep going at that point. Nearly ten years later I was able to finally visit the site. In the ten years since the initial planned visit I have had a couple of other trips that had this part of the trip dropped off. It was great to finally cross it off of the list.

Walking Through History

One reason why I love these little side trips is to walk a bit into history. Like him or not, Andrew Jackson was a President who changed a lot of things for the country. He really started the constant campaign that has only grown since his time running for office. He started running for the Presidency in the 1828 election almost immediately after losing the 1824 election. Jackson was a very polarizing figure which during this political election rings a little true. Sometimes it is just neat to walk around and see the places that the Presidents come from. I have now done this for a few presidents from both sides of the aisle. It was a great way to spend a morning in a  new city.

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