Downtown Nashville at Night

Looking Over the City of Nashville at Night

While in Nashville to photograph the NCAA Regional there I had a little spare time because of a rain out so I made my way downtown to the area around Broadway. I walked to the John Seigenthaler pedestrian bridge to get a view of the city. This really is a great way to see Nashville no matter the time of day. At night though it is amazing. I made a few photos of the city and the surrounding areas before heading back to my hotel for some much needed rest. A city with this many lights though is a photographers dream. The rain and rain clouds in the area made for some interesting photos that night. I found that most of my photos I converted to black and white. I think the clouds in the sky lent themselves to the black and white look.

Making the Expected Photo

When I visit a new location I usually find the iconic places that I must photograph and work out from there. I made the shot above that I think everyone makes no matter what kind of a camera that they have. From there I tried to work a new angle on it as well as finding some little hidden gems to photograph. I don’t have the ability to spend many days finding the best locations so I have to head to the well known spots and work from there. You don’t want to make the same photo as everyone else, but I also wanted a crack at this great skyline.