The Intercontinental Hotel Pool

A Grand Pool in a Grand Hotel

This past fall we visited the Intercontinental Hotel for a couple of days. One of the days we had a little extra time on our hands so we took a tour of the hotel. This really is an amazing hotel with many rooms to explore. One place that we spent a little extra time was the pool. This just had an old time feel to it, and we had some fun with the kids around the room. Normally our hotel key would have given us access to the pool, but it was a special open house day so many people were there to see the pool. I had to wait until the area was clear to make this photo. It took a little patience, but I think that it was worth it. This is one of my favorite photos of the year.

The Best of 2015

As we get closer to the end of the year more and more of my best of 2015 posts will appear on the blog. In fact as I said a couple of days ago I will pretty much have the better part of a couple of weeks off of posting on this blog. With two more sporting events coming up this year that may be the only new content on here. After the first of the year though I should have some great new content though.


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