Gavin Downs Pitches Purdue to a Victory Over CSUN

Gavin Downs

Gavin Downs Hurls a Complete Game Shutout to Close Out His Career

Last night I went to the Purdue baseball game for what I thought would be a couple of innings. I wanted to make some photos of Purdue starter Gavin Downs as he pitched the last game of his Boiler career. I ended up staying late into the game because it was such a good ballgame. By the time he was finished Gavin pitched the complete game shutout to get the victory for his team. This was a great performance leaving it all on the field for his team. It reminded me a lot of the 130+ pitch performance Robert Ramer gave during his last start in 2013. I always enjoyed photographing Gavin. His motion was great from many different angles giving me a lot to work with.

Yusuke Akitoshi

Playing in the Light

Another reason that I stayed so long was the fact that the light was great. I love the way that the ballpark is designed so that the last light of the day hits the playing field. I played around quite a bit early in the game with little care to covering the game. I was there for fun so why not? I don’t get to shoot in light like this very often so I have to take advantage of it when I can.

Stephen Kalina

Headed For Home

This season is nearly over for Purdue. That means that a big group of seniors are playing in their final games. As I have said before I watched a lot of Purdue baseball before 2013, but that was the year I was first down on the field covering the team. This class will always be a special one for me. Many personal successes can be tied to the players playing their final series this weekend. Sunday will be a bittersweet day for sure.


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