Frank Duncan Makes His Home Debut For The Indianapolis Indians

Frank Duncan

Frank Duncan Adds Another Solid Arm to the Indy Indians Pitching Staff

Just when you thought that the pitching staff could not get any better another quality pitcher is called up to the Indy Indians. Frank Duncan had a solid start on the road, but made his first start at home for the Indy Indians yesterday. In a sign of things to come in Indy he had a solid start only allowing three earned runs. It is a pleasure photographing so many good arms all in a row. Duncan now is part of a great rotation that hopefully will carry this team into the playoffs.

TJ House

Keep Your Cool

Sometimes things happen that make you lose your cool. When you do lose your cool it is always good to have your coaches shoulder to lean on as you scream at the umpire. During the game yesterday that exact scenario happened as TJ House was not happy as he exited the game so he let the umpire know about it. He was tossed from the game, and it was then that he let the umpire have it. I can say that at the same time I was feeling very close to what TJ was feeling. Sometimes it is just best to walk away and avoid the confrontation. Here though the confrontation made for a good photo.

Adam Frazier and Yhoxian Medina

Don’t Give Up

One thing that you see covering the athletes that I do is that success does not come easy. The players give everything that they have to achieve their goals. The same goes for photography. This is not an easy business, and sometimes things don’t go your way. You have to keep going though as the next challenge is ahead of you already. The next few weeks will be taxing for me. A lot is going on in a very short period of time. I might be one of the crazy people though who looks forward to the challenge. I have a lot of baseball to shoot this summer, and I cannot wait for the pace to pick up a little.


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