Coach Doug Schreiber Steps Down at Purdue

The End of an Era

I don’t normally talk about breaking news on this blog. That is not the purpose of this blog. Today though I did not have a post ready to go yet which is rare. I went on Twitter just before posting, and saw the news that Purdue head coach Dough Schreiber was stepping down after 18 years at the university. When I think of Purdue baseball I think of Coach Schreiber. He is from my hometown of LaPorte, Indiana. If you have never been to LaPorte then you do not know that it is a baseball town. Under Doug’s dad Ken Schreiber the Slicers became a force in the state of Indiana. As you drove into town there used to be a sign showing all of the state titles that the team has won over the years. They also listed the winners of the L.V. Phillips award given at the finals. That is the first time that I knew of Doug. He won the state title under his father and won the L.V. Phillips award during his senior year. From there Doug went to Purdue where he started for four years for the Boilermakers.

When I found Purdue baseball Doug was just starting to ramp up the program in 2005. They had some great teams that fell just short of winning the Big Ten every year. They were a force to be reckoned with though, and they were fun to watch. When I moved to West Lafayette I knew that I would be able to attend a lot of games during the 2012 season so I was eager for the team to get home from the southern road trips. As the weeks went on the team kept winning on the road beginning what we now know was a special season. Being so close to Purdue I was able to attend many games that season leading up to the great finish. I was at the game where Doug became the all time winningest coach at Purdue passing Dave Alexander. Of course we all know where the season went from there as Purdue won their first Big Ten title since 1909 at Lambert Field. They continued the success by winning the Big Ten tournament in an epic game against Indiana. At the time we didn’t know it, but it was the best that it would get at Purdue. The team has had a run of tough luck since that title year playing at beautiful Alexander Field. Last week when the local newspaper made a trip to the stadium I started to wonder what is going on. They to my knowledge had not come out to the stadium since the beginning of the 2013 season. Today though I found out that they were out for a reason. It will be weird to see a Purdue team play next year without Coach Schreiber coaching at third. It will be interesting to see where the program goes from here. I think that there is a very good candidate to replace Coach Schreiber not too far away at Kent State. Will they stick with someone that has been part of this regime, or will they start fresh with someone else? The final two games this weekend now have an even bigger meaning now.


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