Victory Field at Sunset

Victory Field

The Sun Sets on Victory Field

As I said in a previous post the beginning of this season was dedicated to making images for the upcoming baseball card set for the Indy Indians. Now that we have made images of the players it is time to get to having some fun at the games. This past weekend I did just that. Friday night as the sun was setting I went up to the parking garage across the street from the park. I was scouting a location to shoot the fireworks that night, but the light was right to make a couple of pictures from here as well. I like the angle for shots of the park, but of course I want a little more. I would love to be a few floors up to separate some of the aspects of the photo. I am as high as I can get though so I will have to make due with what I have. I have one other idea for this time of night that I will try out the next time I am at the park.

Baseball in Black and White

One fun thing that the Indinjanpolis Indians have started this year is a website called Baseball in Black and White. Each month they highlight some of the best moments in a cool black and white gallery. I have been following it since it started, and this month I have the honor of having a few photos in the gallery. This is a good idea that I am very pleased to be a part of. Head on over and check it out. I have really enjoyed making photos for the Indians this season. The group of photographers making them is just one reason why it has been so much fun.

My Updated Website

I have spent the last couple of months tweaking my website to get it looking just how I want it. I had an idea to break things up a little on it that I really thought was great. It took a while to get everything where I wanted it, but it is now complete. You can check out the new by clicking here. The website will never really be complete as I am always adding and replacing photos on it, but the key parts are in place.


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