Tyler Glasnow vs. Cody Reed

Tyler Glasnow
Cody Reed

Tyler Glasnow and Cody Reed Go Head to Head

Here it is Tuesday and I am still catching up on my weekend. That is a good thing as it was a busy weekend that allowed me to make some very cool photos. I had a full day covering the Purdue track team Saturday, but I wanted to head down to Indy for a couple of reasons. One of those reasons was to see the pitching matchup between Tyler Glasnow and Cody Reed. The matchup did not disappoint as both pitchers went toe to toe making life hard on the hitters. I love a good pitching matchup, and this as a good one for sure. I was at the game shooting both pitchers for MiLB.com so I really did not focus on any of the batters. I need a few angles of each pitcher. That is a fun option this summer for me. Moving around the Midwest a bit catching some of the great players making their way to the Majors. This will be a fun summer.

Ryne Sandberg Visits Victory Field

A big reason to visit Victory Field Saturday night was to see Ryne Sandberg. The former Cub and Hall of Fame second baseman was at the game signing autographs and he also threw out the first pitch. The line for his autograph had to be more than double the 500 that was advertised. Usually when a player comes out they are done signing after they throw out the first ball. Ryne went back out to the outfield to keep signing. He seemed to be trying to send everyone home happy that came out to see him.

The Week In Photos

It is that time of week again when I plug my weekly look back at the photos that I have made. I have put them together again on my Exposure page that you can find here. The past few weeks have been pretty baseball heavy, and that looks to stay the same for a while. With the Indy 500 coming up though things will start to shift just a little over the next couple of weeks. This was a fun week to shoot with many different type of photos to be made. I was able to get out of the ballpark to try some things to show the beauty of Victory Field. The first few games of the season I was concentrating on making photos for the trading cards. Now I feel like I can get out of the photo wells to make some different images.


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