The Louisville Bats Defeat the Indy Indians in 12 Innings

Jesse Winker

Louisville Uses a Big 12th Inning to Defeat Indy

This is not a news site so I feel that I can hold off on certain posts for a few days. I shot this game Friday night just after the hammer throw at Purdue. I had a couple of small assignments, but other than that I was on my own to make some images. I had plenty of time to do so as the game went into extras again. I have been to many ballgames over the years, but it seems like the Indians love to play extra inning games when I am in attendance. This was the first time that the Indians did not come out on top of such an affair though. It was a great night for baseball though so all was not lost. During the game Bats’ first baseman Brandon Allen hit is first home run of the season. It was the 195th home run of his minor league career which leads all active players. At one time Brandon was a well thought of prospect in the White Sox organization, but he was traded to Arizona for Tony Pena.

Josh Bell

The Odd Always Comes When You Least Expect It

After the five runs were scored in the top of the 12th inning I thought that I should pack up and head to my spot for the postgame fireworks show. I decided to stay just a bit longer, and I was rewarded. On a weird play where the runner got caught too far off of first base I came up with this photo. It was just bizarre enough to make me happy. It seems like you make the most interesting photos when you least expect them to happen.

Pumping Up The Crowd

During the game one of the members of the Indians pump up crew was really getting into his job. I set up my 5DIII with something in mind late in the game. I wanted to show him in motion because he seemed to be constantly in motion during the game. As I was panning with him he jumped, and I was rewarded with a far better photo than I had originally imagined.

The Week In Photos

It is that time of week again when I plug my weekly look back at the photos that I have made. I have put them together again on my Exposure page that you can find here. The past few weeks have been pretty baseball heavy, and that looks to stay the same for a while. With the Indy 500 coming up though things will start to shift just a little over the next couple of weeks. This was a fun week to shoot with many different type of photos to be made. I was able to get out of the ballpark to try some things to show the beauty of Victory Field. The first few games of the season I was concentrating on making photos for the trading cards. Now I feel like I can get out of the photo wells to make some different images.


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