Honoring Mr. Lincoln

Looking Back at the Death of Abraham Lincoln

Today in 1865 John Wilkes Booth took the life of Abraham Lincoln as he sat watching a Our American Cousin. Besides the obvious love of sports that I have I also love looking back into the lives of our former presidents. It is amazing in some cases how many obstacles they overcame to reach the highest office in the land. One of the greatest stories is of course that of Abraham Lincoln. How a poor, self taught boy could climb to the Presidency is amazing. Maybe part of why he is so revered is the fact that he was taken too quickly. The what ifs help his legacy. His death and the manhunt for his killer and his conspirators is a fascinating story as well. Abraham Lincoln may have endured one of the toughest presidencies to date. I think that only FDR could claim any tougher period. Neither man made it out of the office alive either.

Abraham Lincoln: Head of State

The statue above is located in Grant Park in Chicago. It is called Abraham Lincoln: Head of State. Another name for it of course is sitting Lincoln. The statue was commissioned in 1897, and Augustus Saint-Gaudens was to be the sculptor. Saint-Gaudens died just after completing this sculpture in 1907. It was not until 1926 though that this sculpture of Lincoln finally made its way to Grant Park. If you have ever been here you will notice that it is a large area devoted to on piece of art. The area is called the Court of Presidents, but ninety years later Abe is still the only president that resides there.


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