The Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls Open the 2016 Season With a Win

The Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls Start the 2016 Season Off Strong

Last night I was back at the Brawl House again to photograph the 2016 Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls season opener. This will be the fourth season that I have photographed the team in a semi-official capacity. I photographed a couple of bouts in 2012, but those were from my seat. Four the past four years I have been on the list as their photographer. I have really enjoyed watching the new skaters from the 2012 season turn into the leaders of this 2016 team. Last night was a great way to start off the season. We will see what they have in store for the fans on June 4th for their next home bout.

Dreaded Thunder Puts On a Show

Last night original skater Dreaded Thunder scored 103 points for the Brawlin’ Dolls. The MVP jammer for the night was going to get a sweet cape/trophy for the night, and I guess Thunder wanted it bad. She had a great night, and was a huge reason why the team won last night. As with any sport though the blockers were also key in making sure that she could get through the pack time and time again.

More Photos From the Bout

I put together a couple of Exposure pages yesterday. The first was for the Alumni Soccer game at Purdue, and the second was for the bout last night. You can click here to see my take from the bout. I really had a good time shooting the bout, and I think that it shows in the photos. With so many different personalities you really can make some different photos during the course of a night. June seems like a long time away to photograph this team again.


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