The Purdue Soccer Alumni Game

Photographing the Purdue Alumni Game

For the past few years I have been lucky enough to photograph the Purdue alumni game. This is a great tradition where the past members of the Purdue soccer team come back in the spring to play the current team. The game is always fun to photograph because the players on both sides seem to have so much fun playing in it. I don’t get paid to shoot the game, but sometimes you just do things because they are fun to do. This is one of those times.

Seeing My Niece Play Soccer

Over the last few years I have been able to watch and photograph my nephews play their respective sports. In 2012 it all started, and has continued. I like to joke that I am their personal paparazzi at their sporting events. I was never able to watch my niece play for Purdue soccer. I was not around at that time. It has been nice over the last few years though seeing her playing in this game.

The Alumni List is Either Getting Younger Or I Am Getting Older

At one point during the game I moved to the middle of the field. I saw Kate Fowee standing next to me getting ready to go into the game on the alumni side. Of course my first thought was that the alumni team may have been short people so the current team was helping them out. Of course it then dawned on my that Kate is now a soccer alumni. It is crazy to look at that alumni team and see a lot of faces that I have photographed. The good thing about the alumni game is that I get to photograph them again.

Photos of the Week

This week I put together another Exposure post with my favorite images of the week in it again. This week it was kind of weird to do though because I shot three events, and I made Exposure pages for all three of those events. The images were already on Exposure, but just not together. I thought that I would still do the post as it has become a fun weekly tradition. As baseball season really starts to crank up I will rely more on the weekly post to show my images rather than a photo gallery after each game. You can see the post for this week here. You can also see a gallery of images from the alumni soccer game here. I have been on Exposure for over two years now. I started off not really knowing what I wanted to do with it. Now I have a good plan, and I love using it to show off my images.


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