Banker’s Life Fieldhouse Hosts the 2016 NCAA Women’s Final Four

Indianapolis Knocks It Out of the Park Again With Another Great National Title Experience

Over the course of the past few years Indianapolis has become a great destination for leagues and conferences to hold their championships. The city really rolls out the red carpet, and seems to be gaining steam in getting more and more championships to come to town. I really enjoyed myself over the course of the two days in Indy covering the women’s Final Four, and I thought that the stadium deserved a post of its own. Over the course of those two days I made a few images of the stadium that I liked, and this was a good way to show some of them off.

The Final Basketball Game of the Season

As the final seconds ticked off of the clock that would end the game it would also end my basketball season. This has been a weird season for me. Early in the year I worked for a few teams coming into Mackey and other venues, but then things sort of dried up for me. I focused my attention to hockey where work was coming in. As the season ended I tried to follow my alma mater in the two tournaments that they played in with no success. As luck would have it though I was picked up by a couple of other teams so that I could end the season on a high note. There is no higher note than shooting the National Title game. The only thing that would make it even better would be to have Purdue holding the trophy up at the end of the night. After watching UConn play for two games in person I will say that Purdue and every other team has a way to go to knock off the Huskies. This is a great program that has it figured out. There is a large step down to the next program. College sports can be a crazy thing though, and the powers can shift quickly. Just ask the fans of the Tennessee women’s program about that. It will be fun to start shooting the new players in November as well as seeing how the returning players have changed. The difference in an athlete over the course of their four year college career is amazing. You see them become adults over that time, and grow into leaders. In the next week or so I have one last basketball post for the year. I will post my favorite women’s basketball photos from the 2015-2016 season. I am trying to wait a while to distance myself from the Final Four weekend. Otherwise I would just have a gallery from the weekend.

The Stadium As A Landscape

When I first started shooting seriously I was mostly shooting landscapes. They were always available to me, and they were a great way to learn my camera. My first sports photo that was really noticed was essentially a landscape shot. I think that what sets me apart from some is the fact that I will go and get the really wide shot during an event. When I shoot that shot I treat it much as I would a landscape photo. My wide angle comes out, and I try and show an interesting view of the arena. With a venue like Banker’s Life Fieldhouse it is easy to make good photos of it. It is a very photogenic venue that lends itself to photos. I would love to spend some more time in this great venue making images. I don’t get to go out and make the big landscape photos as much as I would like now. I make do with what I have in front of me. I would love to have more venues like the Fieldhouse in front of me.

Never Trust Your Remotes

For the National Title game I set up a remote that had the sole purpose of covering the arena from a wide angle perspective. I knew that it would definitely come in handy during the National Anthem as well as during the post game celebration. In each of those instances though I also made a couple of images with a wide angle that I had on me. I had tested the remote hours before the game, but you never know what can interfere with you getting the shot. In the end it was a good thing. A photographer who spent most of the first quarter complaining that he could not sit down was given access to a special area in front of us. Of course as soon as the celebration started he stood up and moved right in front of my remote. I have quite a few photos of his back as he watched the celebration. If he had moved over to capture the action better it would be one thing, but he does not have his camera up the entire post game celebration. This was something that I did not see live as I was making images over a few feet. I did thankfully make some wide shots from my position so the shot was not ruined. That just goes to show you though that the remote is a backup, and should not be used for your primary shot.

More Photos of Banker’s Life Stadium

I thought that I would include a few bonus shots below of Banker’s Life stadium during the Final Four weekend. My full gallery from the Championship game can be found here on my Exposure page. Below though are a few stadium photos that I liked from the weekend.


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