Epcot: The Closest Thing to Being in Canada

Touring Canada at Epcot

This past December I made my first trip to Epcot in over twenty years. As a photographer I loved the different architecture and the different photos that I was able to make just by walking around the lake. As the light starts to even out the park takes on a different look. Everything starts to look a little better. As much as I could with two kids I tried to be somewhere different during this time every night. Here I loved the look of this path leading up to a castle like building with the Canadian Rockies to the right. If you want to visit a few countries without breaking the bank (too much) then Epcot is for you. I really had a great time, and so far it is my favorite park of those that we have visited.

Thinking Warm Thoughts

This past December the weather down in Florida was amazing. The warm sun felt good, and I was not quite ready to come back home when we boarded our plane. Here we are entering the second week of April, and the snow is still falling. It is not sticking, but I have seen it too much already this month. I thought that with this post I would take myself back to the warm days of December. As the spring sports start to heat up a little warm weather here would be really nice. It makes it a better experience for all involved. I saw too many photos of snow at Opening Day for some minor league teams yesterday.


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