Connecticut Wins Their 11th National Title

Witnessing History in Person

There has been a lot of bad press about how this run that UConn is on is bad for women’s basketball. It is a dominant run where it never has looked like anyone can come close to them. What I have learned from watching the tournament this season though is that things may have never been better for women’s basketball. UConn is clearly at the head of the class, but behind them you have some great teams. In this final four you had a #2, #4, and #7 seed. A four seed made the Championship game. Things are looking good for women’s basketball. It was amazing being a part of this celebration. This is the fourth straight championship for UConn. When they started this run Geno equalled Pat Summit’s mark of eight titles. The next year he passed her to take over sole possession of the women’s record. Next up was John Wooden’s mark of 10 National Championships. With the win last night Geno  passed the great John Wooden with his 11th National Title. This is an amazing run that people will be talking about for a while.

Waiting on History

Last night seemed to be all about waiting. I was at the stadium way to early to set up my remote, and to get a good spot upstairs staked out. It seemed like the game was never going to start. At that point all I wanted was the opening tip. I wanted that moment with the Final Four logo on the court. Not long after the tip I realized that I was not going to shoot much of the game as I normally would. It was all about waiting for that celebration at the end. Very few photos look good from the upper position, and after I had a couple I really started playing around. As the game started to get out of hand we were waiting again for the end. When the final buzzer sounded though it was worth the wait. During my downtime before the game started I was able to explore the stadium a bit. If you have not been to Banker’s Life Fieldhouse then I suggest that you make a trip there. It is a beautiful basketball stadium. Perhaps the best I have been in to this point.

Slowing Things Down Again

I was just at the game for myself. With no outlet for my images I really didn’t need a lot of game action. What that did was free me up to have some fun. I spent most of the second period roaming around the stadium trying to capture the action from different locations. Apparently that is frowned upon, and I was asked to move along a couple of times. During the third period I played around with slow shutter speeds again. I made a couple of static half court images with the players streaking by. I then played with some panning at 1/10th of a second. Panning is hard enough when the action is just moving laterally. When the players are also moving up and down it makes it an ever great challenge. When you nail it though it is that much sweeter. I am pretty sure I emitted some sort of noise when I saw the image above in the back of my camera.

More Photos From the Game

I was thinking about what photos I should place below as some of my favorites from the game. As the list kept getting longer I just decided to make an Exposure page featuring those images. You can find that page here. I really had an amazing time at the game. I loved the big game atmosphere, and it was fun to be a part of it. My next gig that I will blog about will be Saturday. The Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls open up there season at home. It will be fun to go right back to another great women’s sport.




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  1. Despite your “restricted access” status here, the photos speak for themselves, viewed on your exposure page. Capturing alternate view points so well, and the the high exuberance of the UCONN team and friends can’t help but a smile on my face. M 🙂

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