Final Four: Connecticut vs. Oregon State

Watching the Buzzsaw that is Connecticut in Person

This season I was not able to catch any of the UConn games on TV or in person. My first chance to see them live was Sunday night at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse. They really are a great team that is on a historic run. In fact it is amazing just how little the tournament means to the fans until the Championship game. They have been to the Final Four so much that it is just another tournament that they win. While it was a department changing event when Washington made it to the Final Four, it was just another Final Four for Connecticut. It is hard to imagine how Syracuse would be able to pull off the upset tonight. Even though it is April we are still playing the March Madness games so anything is technically possible. I would have a hard time believing that Syracuse is up to the challenge though.

What To Do When You Are Challenged

You should never be bored shooting a Final Four game. I would not go so far as to say that I was bored during the second half of the UConn game Sunday night, but I felt that I had all that I would have from the game. I was not shooting for either team, and because it was not the best position I was not feeling the moment. I turned to what I normally do in those times. I tried a few multiple exposures. I had an idea where it would work well on the center court logo. It just did not turn out though. It was not for a lack of trying. From there I started panning at 1/6th of a second. I made some very interesting abstract images, but nothing too great. I did stumble onto something that I should have thought of sooner though while panning. I stayed static on the Final Four logo at center court, and waited for the rush of players to go by. I think that it was an interesting shot that I may try again tonight. With no team to shoot for I plan on moving around the stadium a bit more. I want to capture the event instead of the team. Hopefully I have a few photos to show you tomorrow.

Open Up The Gates

A few moments before the gates to the stadium opened up I saw a live feed from ESPN showing the large group gathered in the atrium of the stadium waiting to get in. I thought that I could get there in time to capture the moment of the fans pouring in. In this age of putdowns and scanned tickets the made rush never comes. The shot I was looking for did not come. I did make the photo above though just before the gates opened. Looking around the stadium last night I knew that women’s basketball is doing all right. The fans are good fans who know the game, and will come out to see it.

A New Perspective

During the second half of the game I was trying some multi exposure when I heard a familiar voice next to me. It was John Merits who shoots for one of the wires. He was making some images with the Canon 15mm f/2.8 lens. I thought that the lens gave an interesting view of the arena, and John asked if I wanted to borrow it for a minute. I threw it on my 5DIII, and made a couple of images, one of which is above. Working the sidelines you run into a lot of different types of people. When you meet a good person it is a refreshing and welcome change. In a big game situation everyone can be out for themselves.

The Week in Photos

This week I have put together another Exposure page with some of my favorite photos from the past week. You can find it here. The post could have read the weekend in photos as all I was able to shoot because of the weather was two events on Saturday and Sunday. This is a fun venture that is slowly picking up steam. Next week should be interesting with the National Title game followed by a little more baseball. Hopefully things work out like I want them to tonight so that I can make an interesting photo of the championship celebration. I have a shot list in my mind that I would like from the day. A confetti filled celebration shot is one of them.

More Photos From the Game

Below are a few bonus photos that I liked from the game.


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