NCAA Final Four: Washington Huskies vs. Syracuse Orange

The Washington Huskies Play Their First Final Four Game in School History

Last night I was in Banker’s Life Fieldhouse to photograph the NCAA Women’s Final Four. When I heard that the Final Four was going to be in Indy I set a goal of shooting it. After the way that the post season had shaken out so far I was not sure that it was an attainable goal. I tried to shoot in Lexington for both of the first two rounds, but no school would take me up on it. As luck would have it the Washington Huskies needed an extra shooter for the night. I was more than happy to shoot for them, and I was able to meet my goal of shooting the Final Four. This was a historic game for the Huskies, and I was happy to be able to help them out.

Shooting From the Elevated Position

Because I was not the primary shooter I did not have a place on the floor. I decided to make the most of it though, and I did some things that I could not do down low. I had a great position for the introductions, and also the tip. I knew that I would most likely be up there when I was hired so it was not shock to me. It is kind of freeing to be able to try some things from the upper position instead of needing to get every single shot. I think that I would like to try this a little more. I may even give it a go at Mackey next season. It takes some patience shooting up there though. You have a terrible angle at a lot of the action at the hoop. You have to wait for the moment that is good for you, and make the photo.

The Week in Photos

This week I have put together another Exposure page with some of my favorite photos from the past week. You can find it here. The post could have read the weekend in photos as all I was able to shoot because of the weather was two events on Saturday and Sunday. This is a fun venture that is slowly picking up steam. Next week should be interesting with the National Title game followed by a little more baseball.

More Photos From the Game

Below are a couple of bonus photos from the game. Tomorrow I will post my photos from the UConn game against Oregon State.


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