Purdue Baseball vs. Louisville

Purdue Hosts Louisville at Alexander Field

Last night Purdue opened their 2016 home season against the Louisville Cardinals. Louisville is one of the nation’s best baseball teams, and I have enjoyed watching them play thanks to ESPN3. After photographing for the Boilers this past weekend I was on my own for the game. With no real assignment I had a few photos that I wanted to make of both teams. I also had a couple of ideas to try out here instead of with the Indians next month. I brought along three cameras and three lenses to the game with this in mind. My 8mm fisheye lens was mounted on my Canon 7D Mark II. I had my Canon 17-40mm on my Canon 5D Mark III, and my Canon 400mm was on my Canon 1DX. The 1DX and the 400mm lens were the real workhorses of the night. I used the fisheye and the 7DII for a while during pregame, and then put it away for the night. The 5DIII and the 17-40 stayed with me throughout the night, but the most significant picture that I made with it was the one that leads off this post. All in all it was a great night for a ballgame, and I am starting to really feel like I am getting into the swing of things as far as baseball is concerned. That is a good thing as I photograph the Reds and Pirates in just over a week. Last year I really wanted to see Purdue play at Louisville. The timing was nearly right as I would arrive in Louisville the next day to photograph the NCAA basketball tournament. I decided to spend the extra day at home though. It was fun to see them play last night though. They are a good team that will make some noise in the tournament before it is all over. They may even host a regional allowing me to see Patterson Stadium in person this year.

Kyle Wood is on Fire

Kyle Wood has been swinging a hot bat lately. I saw him hit two home runs in Kokomo on the last two days of the series there. He then hit one early against Ball State. As he came up to the plate with the bases loaded last night I thought that Purdue had the right guy up at the right time. He did not disappoint knocking a ball off of the scoreboard in left for a grand slam. It was his fourth straight game with a home run, and the 8th out of the last 11 where he has hit one. In the majors I know that the record for games in a row with a dinger is 8. Three players have done that over time. Dale Long was joined years later by Don Mattingly and Ken Griffey Jr. The collegiate record for games in a row is one that I don’t know though. I am sure that Pete Incaviglia has to be up there during his monster season. I am sure that if Kyle gets close the Purdue sports information department will let everyone know.

Bonus Photos From the Game

I decided not to make an Exposure page for this game. Purdue had a photographer at the game who made an Exposure page that you can see here. I will just include a few photos that I liked from the game below.


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