The Gleaming Arch

Looking Up At The St. Louis Arch

As I drove to St. Louis to cover the MVC Tournament I was thinking about ways to photograph the St. Louis Arch. I last had visited the arch in 2009 when I had some very basic camera equipment. I was thinking about the things I could do with my newer wider lenses and better cameras. Of course as I drove into town I realized that all of my plans were out the window as the entire area around the arch was under construction. I didn’t realize the extent of the construction until I followed the narrow orange fenced lined path that led to the arch itself. They basically let you touch the arch and that is it. Everything else is completely torn up. That level of ugliness at the base forced me to think fast and find ways to show the arch without showing the construction. Here was one of my favorites. The early morning sun glancing off of the arch was amazing, and the low light allowed the dark blue sky to really show up here. Sometimes your favorite shots are the ones that you never meant to make.

Photos of the Week

Once again I have compiled some of my favorite photos from the past week into a single Exposure page here. This has been a very fun week for me yet again. It started off with a NIT game up at Valpo with a very charged crowd. The week then finished with four baseball games in five days starting at Notre Dame for their home opener. I then shot the three games in Kokomo for both Ohio and Purdue. It was fun to see both teams that I shot for at the NCAA Tournament last year so early in the season. The real treat was to shoot for Purdue again. Last year I did not shoot for the team once the entire year. That was not easy after shooting nearly every home game for them the year before. There are a lot of good guys on the team, and it was great to see them up close again. After not shooting baseball for about six months it was great to get back into the swing of things so to speak. Four games in five days is a good way to shake the rust out as well. The photo above was actually a part of my Photos of the Week post a couple of weeks ago. A lot of fun photos have been made over the last month or so. This has been a fun time to be a photographer for sure.


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