Top 10 Photos From the 2015-2016 Purdue Women’s Basketball Season

My Ten Favorite Images From the 2015-2016 Purdue Women’s Basketball Season

This year was a good year for the Purdue Women’s Basketball program. A return to the NCAA Tournament was in order, and the play was very much improved. Early on in the Big Ten season this was a team at the top of the standings. As with basketball I did not attend as many games this year as I did in the past. With no outlet for my photos I feel like I shouldn’t be at the games. The team was so much fun to watch though that I did make it to a few during the season. Of course unless I am booked somewhere else I will always attend Senior Day. That is by far my favorite day to shoot. You have the emotions during the game, but then after the game you get to see just how much these kids have grown up while at Purdue. As you listen to their well spoken speeches you realize just how much they have matured over the course of their college career. You are sad to see them go, but they are off to bigger and better things. This countdown is only ten images, but a few of them are from senior day. Here are my favorite ten images from the basketball season.

10. I was not in the arena when April Wilson scored her 1,000th point. I was there though when she received her commemorative ball for the event. April from day one was a fun player to watch. She sometimes gave the fans fits, and she alluded to that in her senior speech. She gave the fans a lot to be proud of as well. What a great senior leader that will leave big shoes to fill. Her play as well as her smile made it fun to photograph her.

9. This year Purdue really stepped up the intro game. With the new LED lights came the ability to turn them off and still have light at the tip. I really enjoyed playing around with the different light in the arena. By mid season most of the photographers were bored with the light, but that just gave me more room to play around with it. I was actually shooting for the opponent when I made this picture, but I could spend some downtime playing with the light couldn’t I?

8. I think that this one photo pretty much sums up the play of Andreona Keys. She is a tough player that is not afraid to mix it up. I like this photo because of all of the things flying around in it. You have hair, elbows, and hands all flying around. This is just a tough basketball photo.

7. The game against Maryland was a tough one for the Boilers. They fought and clawed their way back into the game several times. Here junior Ashely Morrissette fights for a loose ball with two Maryland defenders. I love this moment just before the ball touches the hand. The outcome is still in doubt.

6. There was something about this photo that I liked when I made it. Maybe it is the body language, or maybe it is the uniforms. I really cannot put my finger on it. I love the pink out game, and I try to attend it each year. Without hitting the road to see the team play this year this was my chance to photograph them in another uniform. Next year I need to hit the road with the team again.

5. The next couple of photos were made on senior day. This photo was made as just April Wilson and Torrie Thornton were on the bench during introductions. A fun moment as two seniors were getting ready to be introduced one last time. These are the photos that I love the most. The peak action is fun, but these real moments are what drives me to keep going.

4. The four spot on the countdown should belong to #4 Torrie Thornton. Here she gives her senior speech to the crowd with her number in the rafters, and her parents looking on. This was by far my favorite photo from that night. I think it shows what is so great about senior night.

3. This countdown really has not been about action. Most of the shots have been about the emotion of the game. That is why we go after all. So with that being said here is an action photo. Purdue freshman Dominique Mcbryde was fun to watch this year. She provided a spark that sent the Boilers on their mid season run. Here she attempts (and makes) a layup after being hit in the mouth. The trickle of blood coming down her face tells you what a tough player she is. She would get patched up and return to the game.

2. This was one of my favorite moments of the year. Due to my bad memory I cannot recall who even made the shot before this happened. I want to say that it was Bridget Perry with an and one. As Bridget flew past me Andreona Keys came over to help her up. The emotion on Keys face was great, and she was looking right at me! This is another example though of why I want to wear all white or have a large fill card in front of me at the games next year. With the new lighting the light really falls off at the baseline. A large fill card would allow me to fill in the shadows on her face a bit. We can all dream right?

  1. Speaking of light this was an idea that I had while shooting for the opponent one game. I saw this great moment just after the team was introduced, but was not able to get there in time. The next couple of games that I attended the team and the light did not line up as well. My patience was rewarded though when it all came together here. The school really cannot use a photo like this, but they don’t use my photos anyway so I can make the things that I want to make. Once I realized that this season it was very freeing, and resulted in my having some fun. I shot for my Exposure page, and I think that it made me a better photographer. I have heard bits and pieces of even better things coming during the introductions. If I am allowed to photograph the team next year I look forward to having more fun with the light.

Photos of the Week

Once again I have compiled some of my favorite photos from the past week into a single Exposure page here. This has been a very fun week for me yet again. It started off with a NIT game up at Valpo with a very charged crowd. The week then finished with four baseball games in five days starting at Notre Dame for their home opener. I then shot the three games in Kokomo for both Ohio and Purdue. It was fun to see both teams that I shot for at the NCAA Tournament last year so early in the season. The real treat was to shoot for Purdue again. Last year I did not shoot for the team once the entire year. That was not easy after shooting nearly every home game for them the year before. There are a lot of good guys on the team, and it was great to see them up close again. After not shooting baseball for about six months it was great to get back into the swing of things so to speak. Four games in five days is a good way to shake the rust out as well.


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