Valpo Beats Texas Southern in the 1st Round of the NIT

Valpo Defeats Texas Southern

Last night I was back in the ARC to see the Valparaiso men’s team take on Texas Southern in the first round of the postseason NIT. Texas Southern is coached by former Indiana head coach Mike Davis. They were a scrappy team that kept things close for much of the night. In the end Valpo was too much though, and the Crusaders play on in March. A lot has been made about their snub from the NCAA Tournament, but that is now the past. The NIT Tournament is their future. A date in Madison Square Garden at the end of the month is a good reward for a fine season. They must now prove to everyone just how good they are, and win this tournament.

The Crusaders Move on to Face Florida State in the Second Round of the NIT

The win by Valpo moves them into the next round of the tournament. With the ARC being used all weekend the status of the next game was still up in the air when the ball was tipped. Shortly after the game was over though an announcement was made that the next round would be played tomorrow night in the ARC. The pundits said that Valpo did not play enough large schools during the season to get an at large berth. Now they get a big school in their home gym. This should be a great game with a great atmosphere.

More Photos From the Game

I made another Exposure page for this game. When I came home I was not sure that I had anything good to post. Sometimes you just think that you had a bad game when you did not. I liked some of my images enough to put them together on Exposure that you can find here. This is going to be a busy week. I have four baseball games over the next five days. As the weather turns warmer the content of the site will shift a little. This is an exciting time for me as once April starts I will get really busy photographing baseball. Today I will head up to Notre Dame to photograph my first baseball game of the year. I am sure that the green uniforms will be out, and a nice green St. Patrick’s Day post will be made tomorrow.


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