The Cloud Gate

The Bean in the City of Chicago

One of my favorite landmarks to visit in Chicago is Cloud Gate or ‘the Bean’ as it is known to most. I try and visit it each time that I am in Chicago for a couple of days. This past summer I was out on a photowalk early in the morning when I thought that a bean photo at sunrise would look pretty cool. When I arrived at the bean the area was closed off with a park security guard patrolling the area on a segway. For some reason it struck me as funny that the area had to be that closely guarded. Looking around at the people waiting to get in though I realized that everyone was there for a different reason. You had a group of oriental ladies in traditional robes posing for a photo. You had a bride and groom posing for a wedding photo in their tux and dress. You had tourists who wanted the reflection photos that you get with the bean. I believe it was 6:00 when the guard let us in, and it was a mad dash to get a spot. I was there more for fun so I was a little more leisurely with my pace. I just wanted to see it again. Sometimes the bean looks better with a crowd around it.

Photos of the Week

Here is the part where I plug my photos of the week. For the past few weeks I have posted some of my favorite photos from the past week on Exposure. You can find the post for this week here. As luck would have it I have found myself in some great situations to make some great photos during that time. This week was no different. There is nothing like tournament hockey to help make some great photos.


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