No Luck Needed For the Irish

The Irish Open Up Their Home Baseball Season

Yesterday I was in South Bend to photograph the home opener for Notre Dame. This was my first time in the stadium in a few years, and it was amazing to see the new upgrades. The field is much different then it was when I was there last. The day was perfect for baseball. A great set of clouds blew in with the wind just as the game was about to start making the sky beautiful. I made the above panoramic image as the National Anthem was playing.

Green Uniforms for St. Patrick’s Day

When I used to have season tickets for Irish baseball I would always look forward to the first home game of the year. It was usually around St. Patrick’s Day, and the team would wear green uniforms. Under Armor really has stepped up the game for the Irish with green cleats and warm ups as well.

More Photos From the Game

I had so much fun shooting baseball again that I made an Exposure page for the day. You can find that here. Once baseball kicks up full steam I probably won’t have much time to put together a post from each game. I am sure that the weekly post will be filled with baseball though. I have a gallery up on the Notre Dame website here as well. This year I start off by shooting for Notre Dame, Ohio, and Purdue. Three programs that have really helped me along quite a bit. I can’t think of a better way to start off the season. The next game that I will photograph for the Irish will be in Indianapolis at Victory Field in April. This weekend though I have three games coming up in Kokomo featuring Purdue and Ohio. I can’t wait to see how the baseball field has changed over the winter in Kokomo. It was a cool stadium when I left it, but you could see just how much better it could be.


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