Dred and Harriet Scott in Downtown St. Louis

Visiting the Old Courthouse in Downtown St. Louis

I spent most of the weekend in St. Louis for the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament. With some free time on my hands before the start of each day I walked around St. Louis. I had not been to this great city since 2009 when I spent a couple of days there around my birthday. A lot had changed in that short period of time. In fact the downtown area is in the middle of a major overhaul right now with orange fencing all around. One thing that was very new to me was this statue of Dred and Harriet Scott in front of the Old Courthouse. I liked the statue, and I was looking for a way to photograph it that was a little different from the head on look. I found this side view that also gave me a view of the courthouse in another building downtown. It is one of my favorite photos from my photowalk on Saturday morning. Yesterday was the anniversary of the Dred Scott Decision. While the outcome was not what the Scott’s would have liked, it did start the wheels in motion for Lincoln freeing the slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation. Lincoln used a lot of the arguments from that case in his reasoning for the proclamation. It is hard to believe that we lived in a society that would enslave another man. Sometimes you need the gentle reminders that things used to be a lot different. Scott was eventually freed, but died less than two years after obtaining his freedom. His case though paved the way for the end of slavery.

Photos of the Week

This week I was not sure what I would end up with at the end of the week. I was coming off of a week that I was very proud of. I had photographed a couple of basketball games and several sessions of the Big Ten Swimming and Diving Championships. One event that I really wanted to shoot was the Big Ten Women’s Championships. Because I do not shoot for a news outlet or a school though I cannot shoot such events. I was not pleased with that, and I wondered where my pictures would come from this week. Out of that disappointment came a great opportunity though. Indiana State was playing in the MVC Tournament in St. Louis. They needed a photographer, and I was available. This was an opportunity that I was honored to have, and I tried to give them the best photos that I could. When you are shooting a tournament in a new city you also have some time to go out and explore the area. I love St. Louis so it was no problem getting out to make some photos. In the end I was just as pleased with this weeks photos as I was last weeks. Here I sit though wondering how I can possibly come close to the previous week. Looking at the schedule I see this as a down week for me. There is not a lot going on that I can shoot. Last week is amazingly Purdue free, and this week looks to be the same. Right now is that weird time on campus when the winter sports are ending, and the spring sports are playing down south. That does not leave a lot to photograph on campus. As much as I find myself at Purdue shooting sports during the year it is weird to go two straight weeks without shooting an event on campus. That is very likely to occur. The one bright side is that I may have some baseball to shoot this week. It has been a few months since I last photographed the sport that I love, and I cannot wait to get out and get some baseball in my portfolio. Looking through the St. Louis Cardinals museum just reinforced that notion to me. Before you know it the Indianapolis Indians will be in town, and I will have more to shoot than I know what to do with. That is always a good problem to have. After all of that here is the link to my Exposure page with my favorite images from the past week.


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