Indiana State vs. Evansville #ArchMadness

Indiana State Runs Into a Buzzsaw in the Evansville Aces

I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but it seems like Evansville could not miss a shot during the game last night. They started the game off very hot last night, and Indiana State could never quite catch up. As the game progressed I was hoping that something like the day before would start to unfold. Indiana State started off hot Friday night, and slowly Illinois State climbed back into the game. Evansville never really cooled off though, and they really kept the pressure on the Sycamores. The day did not go as Indiana State would have hoped that it would, but the team can hold their heads high. They gave their fans something to really cheer for, and gave them hope. I can’t wait to see this team play again next season.

Photographing For Indiana State

Over the course of the last two days I have had a great time photographing for Indiana State. When you do not normally photograph a team you can feel like an outsider looking in. During the pep rally yesterday I really felt like a Sycamore. Everyone was so nice and gracious, and they really made me feel at home. There is something to be said for finding like minded people while on the road that brings groups together. Growing up I had no real affiliation with Indiana State. By the time the team walked out during the pep rally, and the school song played I felt like a Sycamore. I could feel the excitement that these fans had for this team. What a great group of fans and support staff that made this Purdue grad still wearing his Purdue colors feel like he was wearing all blue.

Indiana State MVC Tournament Photo Gallery

I have put together another Exposure page with photos from the day yesterday. You can find that page here. My day for Indiana State started at the team rally at the hotel at 3 o’clock. From there it was a race to the Scottrade Center to get set up for the game. I made it to the game quicker than I thought that I would so I was able to catch the very end of the great Northern Iowa upset of Wichita State. It was a day full of great photos that I was very happy to make. As I said in my post last night I really have a case of March Madness now. I will try my hardest to keep photographing basketball as long as there is a tournament to photograph.


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