Northern Iowa Shocks Wichita State #ArchMadness

Northern Iowa Shocks Wichita State

Today I arrived at the Scottrade Center near the end of the Wichita State game against Northern Iowa. I was photographing the Indiana State rally so I was otherwise occupied for most of the game. I uploaded a couple of photos, and the crowd noise started to get my attention. I realized that a pretty good game was going on. I picked up my Canon 1DX and my 70-200mm lens and went out to the floor. Part of the fun of photographing these tournaments is getting to shoot situations like this. I had no dog in the fight, but I picked the Northern Iowa side to shoot from. I figured because they were the underdog they would emote more than the Shockers would. It took an extra period, but the Panthers got the deal done. I found a couple of good moments in all of the chaos.

More Photos From the Day

Here is a gallery from the Indiana State game against Evansville. This was the game that I was there to shoot after all. With my team getting beat it means that I will be heading back to Indiana tomorrow instead of covering the championship game. I am sure that a few extra fans will fill the arena now that the MVC title is on the line. I have only seen glimpses of this tournament on TV in the past. After photographing it for a couple of days I am hooked. I thought that my basketball season was coming to an end, but now I want to photograph more tournament basketball. March Madness has grabbed me for sure.


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