Larry Legend at Indiana State

The Larry Bird Statue at Indiana State

Earlier this year I was able to shoot a game at the Hulman Center the home of Indiana State basketball. Of course the biggest name to come out of that school for basketball was Larry Bird. I think that growing up near Chicago I was always convinced the Michael Jordan was the best NBA player ever. If you go back and watch clips of Larry playing basketball you will see that he was obviously also very good. One goal that I had before the game was to get to the Larry Bird statue to make a couple of pictures. The statue of Larry is larger than life, but so was Larry so it makes sense.


This weekend I will be in St. Louis shooting for Indiana State as they try and win the MVC tournament. This should be a fun weekend that I hope last through Sunday. The MVC has a cool thing going here, and St. Louis is a great city. If you follow me on Instagram at @pinolaphoto you will get a glimpse of my weekend. I am sure that this blog will keep up with the sports side with some scenic photos of St. Louis coming next week. During the week I posted that I only had one basketball game left, so of course I would immediately pick up some tournament work. This time of year you never know exactly what you will be doing at any given time. I love shooting tournament basketball though so I am grateful for the opportunity. This time of the year every game could be my last for the season so I make sure that I enjoy it. If you want to watch the game it is on at 9:30 PM eastern time on the MVC TV Network.

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