Sunset in Pewaukee

Watching the Sun Set in Pewaukee, Wisconsin

This past summer we went up to visit by brother in law and sister in law in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. They have a beautiful home on the lake that I was excited to make some photos of. The sunset the only night that we were there was not the sky on fire variety that we all hope for as photographers. It was a nice sunset though. I decided to make a photo that would warm me up in the winter when things got a little colder. Now that we are in February this photo can do just that. I can’t wait to feel the warm sun on me on the lake this summer. Sitting in a chair here in Pewaukee with a New Glarus in my hand does not sound too bad right about now.

One Last Look at My Favorite Photos From Last Week

Each week I put together a post with some of my favorite photos from the past week on my Exposure page. Last week I shot basketball, tennis, and wrestling to make a fun week of new subjects. I also had another great evening with the bald eagles on the Wabash in the post. You can see some of my favorite photos by clicking on my post here.

Remembering Stacey Clark

It is not often that I bring up things from my personal life on this blog. Today I thought was a big exception. It is rare that someone can touch you without meeting you. That was the case for a long time with Stacey Clark. When I first started shooting Purdue sports I gained a new follower on Twitter. This was not just any follower. I found someone that would send me words of encouragement and I could always expect to see a like from her when I had a good Purdue volleyball photo posted. Once I did meet her I realized what a special person she really was. I was lucky enough to photograph here a couple of times during various Purdue functions, and alongside of her as well. I am sure that the room will get a little dusty as we will all have something in our eyes as the tournament named in her honor is played next year. I may wear sunglasses to that gig. It was part of the process to see and read her comments during volleyball season on my work. This coming year will be missing one big piece that is for sure.

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