Dharma Tries To Hide | Wolf Park

Photographing Dharma at Wolf Park

Last year I was lucky enough to get the chance to go inside of the fence at Wolf Park to photograph a couple of the wolves up close. Because of the temperament of the wolves they only had a couple of them available to photograph that day. Luckily my favorite Dharma was one of them. The photos of Dharma were what drew me to Wolf Park in the first place. I had a great time photographing two wonderful wolves up close. Sadly Dharma passed away late last year. As tame as we think these wolves are, they are still very wild creatures. I am glad that I signed up when I did so that I had the chance to see her up close.

Help Out Wolf Park

As I have since day one I have given any proceeds from my Wolf Park photos directly back to the park. They do some wonderful things out there, and they have given me some great opportunities to make some photographs that I would never have been able to make before. Here is a link to my gallery from that day in the enclosure last February. You can donate to the park in many ways, but I thought that I would give one more. If you have a chance visit Wolf Park to see for yourselves why the wolves are so special.


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