More Bald Eagles on the Wabash River

Getting One More Chance To See the Bald Eagles on the Wabash

With the warm weather coming in the small pond where I watch the bald eagles was once again uncovered. That means that the eagles have a place to come and fish again. After a few years of not having much luck with the bald eagles I have had a great year this year. Things have really worked out for me to make some photos that I really like of the eagles. The weather and the timing has been perfect.

The Photos of the Week

This week I have posted another story on Exposure that highlights some of my favorite photos from the past week. This has a dual purpose for me. The first is that it forces me to look back on the week to see what I think that I did right, and what I could improve on. It also gives me something to shoot for at times when I feel in a bit of a rut. When in doubt go for something interesting. You can find the story from this week here. Next week should be a big post as I have a lot of events lined up for the week. The week will be highlighted by a portrait shoot with the Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls. Over the years they have provided some images that I really love. The week also has the Big Ten Swimming and Diving Championships as well as the final two Purdue women’s basketball games of the season. Not to be forgotten is a huge home matchup for the Purdue men’s basketball team with Maryland. If all goes according to plan I will have a lot of images to go through to post here.


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