Purdue Wrestling Wins Again At Home

Purdue Wins an Easy Match Against SIUe

Last night I went to probably my last wrestling meet of the season for Purdue. I wanted to see these guys wrestle one last time this year. One thing that you come to appreciate as you watch the olympic sports is the dedication that goes into each one. These wrestlers really have an amazing amount of dedication to make weight and be able to wrestle at that weight. Sacrifices are made so that they can make the team better. If you see a track meet you will notice the same thing. These are world class athletes that deserve a much bigger audience. Every time they compete they are putting on a show that I want to help show a little bit. Last night the Purdue wrestling team faced an opponent that challenged them, but was also one that they should have beaten. With that in mind the emotion was not there that really drew me to the sport earlier this year. It was business as usual last night, and business was good.

Improving Every Time Out

One thing that I want to do is to constantly improve. If you stop to admire yourself someone else will pass you. I really do try and get better each time I go out and shoot. Looking back through my wrestling images from last season to this season you can see a huge jump. That is what I really want all of the time. Next year I want to look back at this season and think the same thing. I really wasn’t shooting the match to cover it so much as to make some images that I really liked. That is one benefit of only having a self assignment. I just used one camera and one lens, and made the best images that I could with that pair. A few times during the night I was holding my camera at ground level and shooting without looking through the viewfinder. One thing that I have picked up with photographing kids is that you sometimes have to get lower than you think you can. By not looking through the viewfinder I was able to get a little lower, and make the athletes look that much bigger. Practicing with kids running around makes shooting wrestlers in a ring easy.

Bonus Photos

Here are a few extra photos that I liked from the match. Once again I won’t put up an Exposure page for the day. Purdue has a great photographer who really captures the meet well. For now I will just add a couple of photos below.


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