Sunset at the Purdue Soccer Stadium

When the Light Is Just Right

This past fall I was playing around at a Purdue soccer game when the light started to turn very good. I stopped photographing the game to capture the beautiful sky along with the stadium. I had an idea to incorporate some of the signage of the stadium in the photo. I was hoping for a much nicer sky, but this turned out just fine. Purdue really has done a great job of upgrading their olympic sports facilities. All of the stadiums in the new sports complex are amazing. They really give you something to look at other than the game at times.

Finding a Gem In Your Archive

I had a photo that I really liked from the game action that day that I ran the following day on the blog. I had planned on using this image later in the week, but sometimes things happen where the photo gets lost in the shuffle. While going through some of my stadium shots I found this photo again, and I decided to finally post it.

Some Great News

Last year I worked with the Indianapolis Indians near the end of the season a little bit. The relationship was a good one, and we both benefited from it. I only shot four games, but I felt at home during that time. Everyone was super nice to me, and I made some nice photos during that time. One of those photos was chosen as the MiLB photo of the year. This year I will be shooting for the club from the first game of the season on. I am really looking forward to the season, and all of the great opportunities that a season will provide. I am sure that you will see too many photos from the Indy Indians games on this blog over the course of the year.


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