The Indianapolis Indians at Victory Field

Shooting For the Indianapolis Indians

Wednesday I spent part of my day in Indianapolis talking to the Indians about shooting more games for them this upcoming season. Last year I shot a game in August and then three more when the post season came around in September. This year I will shoot many more games throughout the season at Victory Field. Last year the players and staff were very good to me when they really didn’t know who I was. I look forward to shooting over the course of a season and getting to know the tendencies of the players. This could be a fun summer. Last season I shot for the Kokomo Jackrabbits, and this year the same ownership opened a club up in Lafayette. There will be no shortage of baseball to cover, and that is a great thing.

Seeing the Stars of the Future Today

Part of the fun of shooting games in the minors is getting a glimpse into the future. The photo at the top of the post is of Francisco Liriano who was rehabbing his way back to the Pittsburgh Pirates. He was playing alongside Josh Harrison who was still working his way up. By the next season Josh would be a Major League All Star. It is fun to see just how quickly things can change at this level. This year the Indians have some prospects that will not be long in Indy. Josh Bell and Tyler Glasnow are two that are just waiting for their moment.

Shooting With Victory Field as a Backdrop

One huge upside to shooting the Indians is the fact that they play in Victory Field. It is a beautiful stadium that is a great backdrop for your images. While preparing for my meeting I went through some of my photos from inside of the park over the years. Until last year I shot with not access to the field. I had to make do with what I had. The fun thing is that I made both of the photos in this post in 2013 from the stands. It is a gorgeous place to play baseball, and the shooting positions are numerous. I am sure that I will have them all worn out by the end of the season though. Until then warm thoughts, and baseball dreams.

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