College Basketball: Youngstown State at Purdue

The Force Is Strong With Purdue Basketball

Yesterday I was back in Mackey Arena shooting for Youngstown State against Purdue. Early on in the contest the score was very close, and the Penguins held the lead a few times. I think the depth of Purdue eventually proved to be too much though as they pulled away late. Youngstown State never gave up though, and in fact some of my best photos were of the team after the game was well in hand. They attacked the rim in a way that looked great to me. As of right now with next week being finals week my next game will be shooting Youngstown State at Notre Dame in a little over a week. It will be fun to see this team play again.

Star Wars Day in Mackey Arena

One thing that made yesterday’s game unique was the Star Wars element to it. When I heard about Star Wars day I thought that it was just going to be some signage and some cool in game graphics. What happened was so much cooler. They really went all out with the promotion making it a very fun game day experience. It was pretty cool getting to see the fans interacting with all of the characters. More importantly the very cool poster designed by Purdue was handed out in exchange for a canned food item. From the photos that I saw after the game the poster generated a lot of food for those that need it.

A Secondary Goal

When shooting for the opponent you have a much different view than you are used to. Most of the action that gets the crowd going is happening at the other end of the court. One of my goals for the day was to capture one of the exciting moments at my end of the court. A.J. Hammons had a big block right in front of me that I was lucky enough to capture here. It is one of my favorite photos from the game, and one that I was only able to get because of my location on the court.

Youngstown State at Purdue Photo Gallery

Below are a few bonus photos from the game that I liked. As I said above the Penguins really took it to the hoop late in the game helping me get some of my best images. Also you can find a couple of extra Star Wars photos as well.


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