Christmas in Paxton, Illinois

Christmas in Small Town Paxton, Illinois

On my way to Normal last week I drove through small town Paxton, Illinois. My route took me past a very interesting building that you can actually see in the background of this shot. As I was making some photos of the building I noticed this Christmas tree in the middle of the road down the street. I drove down to make some photos of it. The light was not good, and it was an overcast day. After making some photos I stopped to visit a couple of the stores on the main strip, and the people were amazing. I found a pretty cool Christmas gift in the process making this a very fruitful stop for me. As I drove back home after the football game that night I came back through Paxton. It was past midnight, and the town was fairly empty. The lights were still on though so I pulled over to make the picture above. The different light temperatures in the photo would not look good mixed together so I knew right away that I was making a black and white image. I love the way that the black and white looks on this image.

The St. Elizabeth Calendar

This year if you are local to Lafayette you may have received your copy of the St. Elizabeth Calendar. One of my images is on the cover of this year’s edition. The image was made in 2014, and is a wide angle view of Alexander Field. I am very certain that the image was actually one of many made with my GoPro Hero 4 on the first day that I bought it. I set it up to make a time lapse of the transition from daylight to night during a game between the Boilermakers and the Michigan Wolverines. This just goes to show you that you can make a usable image with any camera. An interesting note is that I was having trouble uploading the files to the server for the calendar in 2014. I didn’t even finish the process because my computer was acting up. The next night it was acting strange again as I was uploading images from the Notre Dame volleyball match. The computer died that night, and the image in the calendar was thought lost. Thanks to technology though I have the image again. The picture is also the photo for the month of March inside of the calendar. March is a month that I am very much looking forward to as it means that baseball is back. A few warm days inside of Alexander Field sound pretty good right about now. One side note is that my website was listed incorrectly in the calendar so now you can also get to my new website by typing in A small error that may actually have been a good thing.


3 Replies to “Christmas in Paxton, Illinois”

  1. Yes, the town looks nice.. and interesting pavement – all captured really well, as usual for you. Is the snow in the accompanying pic., recent? Like now? Snow is something that is not happening this year in the north-east. M 🙂

    1. Thanks again for the kind words. We had a little snow at the end of November, but spring like temperatures since then. I don’t know what picture you have seen, but it could not have been a recent one.

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