College Football: Richmond Spiders vs. Illinois State Redbirds

Photographing the FCS Playoffs

Last night I was in Normal, Illinois to photograph the FCS playoff game at Illinois State for the Richmond Spiders. During the course of the week I was able to watch a little of the Spiders play thanks to ESPN3, and I thought that they had a shot in this game. They had more than a shot as they really controlled the game against one of the favorites to win the FCS this season. They beat Illinois State 39-27 to move on in the playoffs. They will face the winner of the North Dakota State/Northern Iowa game next weekend.

Some Familiar Faces

On the Illinois State sideline I saw a couple of familiar faces. The first of course is the coach Brock Spack. Brock helped lead Purdue to many wins while an assistant on Joe Tiller’s staff. When Danny Hope was hired here Brock moved on to Illinois State where he has built quite a program. One of Brock’s assistants is none other than Billy Dicken who was the first quarterback that Joe Tiller coached at Purdue.

The End of a Season

Unless something miraculous happens this was the last football game that I will photograph this season. It really is a sport that I love to photograph, and one that I played many, many years ago. I photographed more college football this season than every before, but the cost of that was that I did not photograph much high school action. As I watched the dejected Illinois State players leave the field I thought that my season had just ended just like theirs did. Tomorrow I will go from photographing the Spiders to photographing the Penguins as they play Purdue in basketball. It is that time of year where the big lens gets stored for a few months as the games move inside.

Bonus Photos

As I usually do I have included a few extra shots that I liked from the game. Richmond was a fun team to photograph. They put up some points, and made shooting them very easy.


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