College Football: Purdue Boilermakers vs. Indiana Hoosiers

Photographing the Old Oaken Bucket Game

This is the second Old Oaken Bucket game that I have photographed from the sidelines. I have photographed many games from the stands, but Saturday was my second near the action. The result was not the one that the Purdue fans hoped for Saturday. We were treated to a show though in the process. Both teams put up some points, and had their high moments. Purdue at one point in the fourth quarter had the lead down to eight after a two point conversion. I started to think that they might have the game with a lot of momentum on their side. A long bomb by Indiana quarterback Nate Sudfield ended that hope very quickly, and put the momentum back on the side of the Hoosiers. While the result was not what I hoped it would be I was still happy to be on the sidelines photographing the game.

The End of My Football Season?

There is a chance that I photograph one more game this coming weekend, but the end of my football season is very near no matter what happens. This is that time of year where I have lost my two favorite sports. I really enjoy photographing basketball, but the lack of control in making my pictures makes it a little frustrating to cover as well. In baseball you have a few different locations to choose from to change up your pictures. In football you really have most of the field to choose from to decide what you want to put in your background. In basketball you have a spot on the floor (if you are lucky) with whatever is in the background behind it. With a great baseball season coming up I have a feeling this spring will not come fast enough.

Change Comes Quickly

This isn’t a sports editorial blog, but I thought that I would say a few words about some of the events that have happened since I photographed the football game. Three of the Purdue coaches were let go, and the celebration that I saw on the internet made me stop and think just how crazy we can get over sports. Three men lost their jobs, and their families now have to pack up and move to the next stop wherever that may be. To celebrate that is kind of crazy to me. I am really not affiliated with Purdue in any way. I don’t have any behind the scenes access to see what goes on behind closed doors. What I have seen though is a lot of love and respect that the players had for these coaches. I know that it is a public life, but I can’t get over the celebration that goes on when this happens. I can’t help but wonder what the people cheering this on would feel like if the internet exploded in a similar way if they were let go from their job. This was a bad season for Purdue football. There is no way to sugarcoat that fact. No matter what though you have to feel for the men leaving and their families.

More Photos From the Game

I have created an Exposure page with some photos from the game that you can find here. As I said there was a lot of offense so a lot of chances to make some photos. For one last time this season I will post a few more photos below that I really liked from the game. In a few days I am sure that I will take a look back at my photos from the Purdue football season and post my favorites on here as I normally do. It is a good way for me to see my progress, and a fun way to recap a season. Although it is not an action shot the photo above is my favorite from the game. At the end of a rough season it was great to see Coach Hazell smiling with his seniors. He is a great guy that represents Purdue very well. Hopefully next year things head the way that we all want them to, and I can photograph him for many more years to come. Next September hopefully I am back on the sidelines at Purdue photographing them once again. If not it has been a great three years doing so.


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