Purdue Volleyball Senior Day

A Great Purdue Volleyball Senior Class is Honored

Yesterday I left the Purdue football game, and was headed to my car when I heard the senior day festivities happening inside of Holloway Gymnasium. I love everything about what senior day means for the athletes at Purdue. They are being honored for their efforts over the course of their career. I stepped inside thinking that I could make a few photos of what was happening inside. What I did not think of was just how warm the gym already was due to the capacity crowd inside. My cold lens started to fog up immediately. I wiped it down, but I only had a couple of seconds before it started to fog up again. I wiped it down, and quickly made the photo above of Purdue senior Same Epenesa and her family. The lens was already starting to fog over again, but I like the dreamy look that it gives. Knowing that I had Thanksgiving dinner waiting on me I decided not to fight the lens issue, and I left right after I made this photo.

Purdue Learns Their NCAA Tournament Fate

Tonight the team learns what their NCAA fate is. I will not make any predictions as last year showed that a team with a great resume can be left out of the tournament. I hope that they have at least one home game left this year, but I will just be glad to see them in the tournament again. A couple of years ago they showed just what kind of damage a lower seed team can do in the tourney.

Photos From the Old Oaken Bucket Game

Tomorrow I will post my photos from the Old Oaken Bucket game between Purdue and Indiana. With the family gathering right after the game I decided to hold off on editing until today. It was much easier to get a post out when I made just one photo rather than the many photos from a high scoring game. I tried to cover the game very impartially though so I have a few photos from both ends of the field. It should be an interesting gallery.


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