More High School Pride

Revisiting a Previous Picture

About a month into this blog I posted a photo that I still really like. You can see that photo and post here. I named the photo High School Pride because of the obvious implications of the sign. At the time I had to do some research to find out what the sign was all about. I was new to the area, and really did not have the area down yet. The photo was a great subject for day 56 of my photo 365 project though. I was still very new to the idea of HDR so I really over processed the photo. The sky is quite grey, and there are a few other areas that I eventually went back to work on to make it better. I will put the updated version of that photo below. On my way home from my hometown the other day I had a hunch that a banner might be up, and a cool revisit to a past photo could be in order. I was right, and it was cool to stand in the same spot four years later to make a similar photo.

How Quickly Things Change

It is amazing just how quickly things change in just four years. The subject of the banner in the first photo will play his final football game for Purdue Saturday. His brother is now the star of the Central Catholic team, and not much has changed there as they will play for the state title on Friday. I look back at where I was as a photographer then compared to now, and it really makes me stop and think of just how lucky I am. My gear was very minimal then. I was doing what I was doing with very low level gear. Now I have much better gear, and in my landscape work I really could not tell the difference. I sort of miss just going out to make a photo everyday. Now I get bogged down in photos to edit from large events, and I really don’t even want to make a photo because it will just add to the photos to be edited. I need to get back to the guy that made this first photo. I have focused most of my time and energy into becoming a better sports photographer. In doing that I have left behind the guy who would randomly drive around to see how the clouds looked at the windmills.


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