Day 56: High School Pride

Yesterday on the way out of town I noticed a cool barn not far from where I live. I did not have the camera ready, but I knew then what my picture today would be of. I love barns so I was excited to see this one so close to the road. Most of them that I have found around here are behind a house or something else that prohibits me from getting a good angle. This one is right off the road so I could get a good picture of it. I came up to the barn and took one set of pictures to use for an HDR and left. On my way down the road I spotted this angle that would be better. I turned around and gave it a second try, and I am very glad that I did. The first shot turned out okay, but this one looked so much better.

The second reason I love this shot is the high school pride that is displayed. Last Friday a local school (Lafayette Central Catholic) went to state to play in the title game. Apparently this sign was put up to cheer on the star of that team. Judging by another sign in the yard I would guess that this is his house. To me this just makes the shot that much better because it just adds to the charm of the barn. You get a real sense of small town America here. On a side note the player on the banner (Danny Anthrop) will be playing for Purdue next season. No matter who is on the sign this is a cool shot. This might be one of my favorites in the nearly two months that I have been doing this project.

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