Book Review: Sports Photography by Bill Frakes


Sports Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots by Bill Frakes

I picked up this book at the same time that I picked up Peter Read Miller’s On Sports Photography. I knew that both photographers were really at the top of the sports photographer pyramid. Both were staffers for Sports Illustrated, and at the time that was the highest peak you could achieve. What better pair to learn sports photography from? For some reason I have really gone to the Peter Read Miller book more.  That is no knock on the knowledge of Bill Frakes, but maybe it is more to the design of the book. This book is part of a series of how to photography books that cover many subjects. I think the format is what throws me off here.

The Photography of Bill Frakes

One thing that is not up for discussion is the body of work that Bill Frakes has. He is where he is for a reason. He is one of the biggest names in sports photography, and you can see why just thumbing through this book. Bill might be best known for his work around the horses. I have never really had any inclination to shoot horse racing. After looking at his work though it really inspires you to go out and give it a try. As you read through the book you think to yourself just how lucky you are to be taking tips from a photographer such as Bill. Do yourself a favor and Google Bill Frakes and take a look at his images. He has some iconic shots that helped him climb to the top of his profession.

To Buy the Book or Not?

I think that I bought this book at a bad time. The book by Peter Read Miller is one of my favorites. Bill covers more sports than Peter does though in his book. I think the format really is why I prefer Peter’s book. Of course something like that is subjective just like photography is. If you are just starting out, or even a seasoned pro this book has insights for you. I would recommend buying the book if you fit either of those categories. You can buy the book on Amazon here, or anywhere that you normally purchase your books. Down the road I look forward to reading Bill’s book The Nebraska Project as well. When I get a chance to see it I will post a review here for you as well.

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