A Kiss of Sunshine

Some Great Light For My Favorite Barn

I have been back in my hometown of LaPorte, Indiana for some family business on and off for the past week or so. I have not really had the chance to get out and see the town though until this morning. The light was great, and with the fresh snow I knew that I had to get out and make some photos. I made my way across town with the end goal of getting to the Door Prairie Barn. This old barn is one of my favorite subjects, and I was glad to be here right when the golden morning light was hitting it.

An Added Bonus

I was getting ready to pull out of the small little parking lot when I noticed a deer walking towards the barn. I parked my car again, and got out with my camera ready. I waited for the deer to walk into the light to make my picture. Sometimes you get lucky, and an extra element comes along that makes your photo a little more interesting. This morning was that day.


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