Top 15 Lacrosse Photos of 2015

My 15 Favorite Lacrosse Photos of 2015

At this time last year I had no clue that I would have a post like this one ready to go. Shooting a sport like Lacrosse was not even on my radar last year. I had looked up a schedule, but with no knowledge of the sport I had no idea what it was about. This past spring I decided to head out to watch a Purdue club game and shoot it. I was surprised by how much fun I had at the game so I went back a few weeks later to shoot another game. At the time I thought that I had a good start to shooting lacrosse, and that would be the end of my year. Then I found out that I would shoot for Towson for their NCAA Tournament game against Notre Dame. With only a couple of games under my belt I was a bit nervous before the game, but once the clock started I didn’t even think about that anymore. Towson really gave Notre Dame a great game to the point I thought they might actually pull off the upset at one point. They came up just short on the day, but they did give me a chance to make some great photos of them. I cannot wait until next season to get back out and try a few more things now that I have some experience under my belt. For now though you can look through my favorite fifteen shots from this past year.

15. This season ended with the NCAA Tournament at Notre Dame. I was given all access to the team which I took advantage of. If you are a photographer you love to get in where the public cannot see. You can really give the fans a view that they cannot see at home. I wanted to show the Towson coach in his element before the game. Here he gives his pregame speech to the team before they took the field.

14. When I first shot the Purdue lacrosse team I gave them a little space. By the time I shot them the second time I went to the game with the intent of really covering it. I was with the team up until the start of the game. I always liked this photo of the team huddle.

13. At the time I did not realize it, but Matt Hoy’s mom was sitting right next to me when I made this image. Matt was a very intense player, and I said as much to the woman next to me. She told me that was her son. I make a point not to talk badly about players while on the field, and this is a good example of why you shouldn’t do that among many other reasons.

12. You have a small window to get the ball in the frame just outside of the stick. The ball is really moving so you have to be very precise with your timing. While shooting my first games I was very happy to get the ball just off of the stick. Here it is much easier when the player is passing the ball. Catching the ball is another story all together.

11. I equate this photo to the running back running parallel to you in football. The player is carrying the ball into the zone, and it seems to give you many good looks of the player. It is a great way to get some safe shots of your players that still look very good.

10. This was one of the Towson goals in the second half of their game against Notre Dame. I was down the field to get some photos on the defensive side when it happened. I cannot see the player head on, but I can see where the ball is heading. This is a little different shot that I like as part of the bigger story of the game.

9. Towson brought a lot of fans to the game. They did not have much time to get there from their last game, but they put the trip together, and made it to South Bend. As most small bands like this are they were very loud and into the game. I wanted to get a celebration shot with them in the photo. I like this photo for that very reason.

8. This is a nice clean picture that you can only really get with the player fairly close to you and a wide open aperture. This Notre Dame squad was ranked #1 at the time, and I did not know just who would be the big stars of the tournament. Here though they needed everything that they could muster to beat Towson.

7. One photo that seems to show up in all of these countdowns is the celebration with the opposing player in the background. I really like these types of shots for the story that they tell all in one photo.

6. I love the attacks on the net. It is not easy to guess when or where they will come from. Lacrosse is a game of passing and patience, and then attack. Here I was lucky enough to be in the right place for this attack.

5. Sometimes a player just has a certain look that is very photogenic. Matt Hoy of the Notre Dame lacrosse team is one of those players. It just seemed as if everything that he did looked good in my viewfinder. This is a simple shot that I like because of the details of Matt’s gloves and jersey.

4. At times I tried to slow my shutter down a little to convey a little bit of the motion of the sport. It is a very fast paced game, and I was trying to come up with ways to show that. This was one motion photo that I liked from the game.

3. I made this photo early on during my first lacrosse shoot. I wanted the player about to catch the ball. With the action moving quickly I knew that it would not be easy. I made one picture just how I wanted it early on, and when you do that it gives you just enough confidence to get a little more creative. You need that first good picture to get you in the groove, and this one was that for me.

2. Lacrosse is a very rough sport. I wanted to show that in a photo. You never know when that rough play will happen though, and you would like to to happen near you. Here I was very lucky to have a big hit happen right in front of me.

  1. I love the concentration in this photo by both players. You have one with the ball trying to keep control of it, and the Purdue player trying to knock it loose. I was behind the goal for a bit in a danger zone with just such a shot in mind. I love the head on look here, and I am very happy with the photo. Next year with a little more lacrosse under my belt I hope to have a much improved top 15.

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